Do LEDs Give Ugly Light?

Prospective client question #7: “I don’t like the color of LEDs.”

Ok, so it’s not a question. However, behind that statement is the question, Can LEDs mimic the color and quality of light that we are used with our current bulbs? Short answer: Yes. And in some cases they surpass. Now you can stop reading…

If you are still with me, let me explain. Many people who say they don’t like the color of LED have typically seen the wrong bulb in the wrong place. Maybe the setting called for a warm yellow (think reading den) and the bulb was a bright white or blue. Maybe the task called for a crisp white (think office space) and the bulb was a yellow hue.

The cool thing about LEDs is they are available in the same color range as our common current bulbs. From soft yellow to bright whites, you’ll even find some solid colors like blue, red, and green. LEDs also highly accurate at showing an object’s true color (called the CRI), sometimes even better than our current bulbs. And most have a full dimming range and produce a clean light all the way down to 10%.

For some applications LEDs surpass what we commonly use. Industrial lighting using metal halide high output bulbs can often give a yellow hue to the work. You can see it in warehouses, or from street lights. LEDs can offer a crisp, brighter, and more useful light.

While LEDs are not the perfect solution to every application, don’t write them off because you’ve seen or heard them in the wrong setting. After all, maybe it wasn’t the bulbs fault.