Electrical Safety Services in Lincoln, NEĀ 

Most people rarely think about the electrical systems in their homes until something goes wrong with one of these systems. They then panic because nobody wants to do without lights and other things that rely on the system. To prevent this from happening, every homeowner should have an annual electrical safety inspection.

Sadly, many homes are damaged or destroyed as a result of electric problems. Electrocutions are also of concern when it comes to the safety and well-being of loved ones residing in a home. By having an electrical safety inspection each year, a person can reduce the risk of fire or electrocution significantly. Contact an electrician to learn more about safety services and their benefits.

Safety Hazards

The United States Fire Administration reports there were an estimated 24,200 residential building fires in 2021 that were the result of an electrical malfunction. These fires accounted for $1,201,500,000 in losses. Sadly, 295 individuals lost their lives in these fires while another 900 people sustained injuries.

In the period between 2012 and 2021, the number of residential building fires caused by electrical malfunctions increased by 11 percent. Deaths in these fires increased by 17 percent while injuries increased by eight percent. Many of these fires, if not all, may have been prevented with the help of electrical system inspections performed by a licensed electrical contractor in Lincoln, NE.

Electrocution is another concern when it comes to electrical safety hazards in the home. People often think of young children being electrocuted when they put something into an outlet they shouldn’t. There are actually several common causes of electrocution in households today. However, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports small appliances used in outlets with improper or inadequate wiring lead to more accidental electrocutions than anything else in homes today.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections serve as the top electrical safety services in Lincoln, NE. The licensed electrician examines the entire electrical system looking for potential and existing problems. They check the electrical wires and systems before moving on to all components connected to this system. This inspection includes household appliances, and the electrician ensures they comply with all legal safety standards.

The National Electrical Code serves as the guideline when completing this inspection. All electricians must operate under this code as they carry out their work duties. It establishes minimum standards for all electrical work completed in America.

When this inspection is complete, the electrician shares what they learned with the homeowner. They typically provide a written report outlining problems that must be addressed immediately and improvements that should be made in the future. This report might also contain information on upgrades that would benefit the homeowner.

What Might an Electrician Find During This Inspection?

As the electrician completes this inspection, they could find problems. Frayed or pinched wires are always a concern. The electrician also looks for outlets that are hot to the touch or overloaded. They check for wires that are overheating and outlets in proximity to water sources. This individual also checks for excessive use of power strips or extension cords and looks to see if any wires have been damaged by rodents or deteriorated due to age.

When Should This Inspection Be Completed?

Homeowners should have the electrical system inspected each year. However, there are situations that may arise between these visits that call for another inspection. A person should always request an electrical inspection by a licensed electrician when purchasing a home. The electrician will often find things the home inspector missed. In addition, this inspection should be completed when the home undergoes a major renovation.

If a home is 40 years of age or older, an electrical inspection should be done right away, particularly if one has not been done in the past. Older electrical systems often cannot keep up with the strain put on them by modern devices. The electrician will determine whether upgrades need to be made to safeguard the home while ensuring family members can use their preferred devices. Finally, request an inspection when adding a major appliance to the residence to ensure it won’t negatively affect the electrical system in the home.

Contact an electrician to have a safety inspection completed promptly. While this individual may not find any problems with the electrical system, the money spent is well worth it. The homeowner will know the electrical system is in excellent shape and they don’t have a time bomb ticking behind their walls that they remain unaware of.

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