Electrical Panel Services in Lincoln, NE 

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It sends electricity throughout your home to power all your fixtures, appliances and devices. At Energy Pro Electric, we understand how important a safe, fully functional electrical panel is. Our team of certified electricians is dedicated to providing the best electrical services so your home runs smoothly and effectively.

Electrical Panel Inspections

A professional electrical panel inspection is the first step in finding potential problems and ensuring your electrical system is up to code. Our expert electricians conduct thorough inspections of local homeowners’ electrical panels. We’ll check for damage and make sure your panel is up to par. With our inspections, we can identify problems before they escalate into serious safety hazards. 

Electrical Panel Repairs

Electrical panels are designed to handle high volumes of electricity and constant use. All that strain can eventually take a toll on them, though. External power surges and other hazards can also cause damage. Our licensed and experienced electricians provide electrical panel repairs to take care of those problems. We help make sure your electrical panel is always able to meet your family’s expectations. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Replacements

As your electrical demands increase over time due to renovations or the addition of new appliances and fixtures, an electrical panel upgrade become necessary. Upgrading your panel ensures it’s able to handle the added workload. That reduces the risk of circuit overloads and electrical fires. As one of our essential electrical panel services, our team offers upgrades and replacements. We help guarantee your electrical system can safely and efficiently meet your current and future power needs.

Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair

Our electrical panel services in Lincoln, NE also include circuit breaker installation and repairs. Circuit breakers protect your home against electrical overloads and short circuits. When a circuit becomes overloaded, the breaker trips, cutting off power to prevent damage to your wiring and appliances. Our electricians can install extra circuits and breakers and replace faulty ones to keep your electrical system safe and reliable. 

Converting from Fuse Boxes to Electrical Panels

If your home has a fuse box instead of a breaker box, it may be time for an upgrade. Fuse boxes are less efficient and more prone to electrical problems than circuit breakers. Our team can help you make the switch. Don’t continue to put up with an inefficient, potentially dangerous fuse box. Let us bring you into the modern era.

Electrical Panel Maintenance

Regular electrical panel maintenance is essential for preserving its functionality and longevity. Our maintenance services include cleaning, tightening, and inspecting all the components of your electrical panel. We’ll look at connections, breakers, and wiring to make sure they’re all in good condition. If we find any problems, we’ll take care of them. We’ll work with you to find the solutions that best meet your needs and budget. By addressing minor issues during maintenance, we can prevent breakdowns and keep safety hazards at bay.

Do You Need Electrical Panel Repairs or Upgrades?

You may be wondering if you need electrical panel repairs or an upgrade. Certain telltale signs can let you know if there’s a problem with your electrical panel that needs attention from a professional electrical contractor in Lincoln like us. First of all, if your electrical panel is old, it may be time to have it replaced. They generally last up to 40 years, but they don’t hold out forever. If you have an older electrical panel, having a new one installed may be your best option. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs as well.

  • Tripping Circuit Breakers
  • Lights Dimming When Appliances Power Up
  • Smoke or Burning Smells Coming from the Electrical Panel
  • The Electrical Panel Feels Hot
  • Brown or Black Scorch Marks on the Electrical Panel
  • Tripped Breakers Won’t Reset

If you spot any of those issues, don’t ignore them. They won’t go away on their own. They’ll just continue to get worse until they’re taken care of. Contact us right away. We’ll get your home electrical system working safely and smoothly again. 

Electrical Panel Services You Can Depend On

Having a safe, fully functional electrical panel is essential. At Energy Pro Electric, we provide expert electrical services to ensure your electrical system is in top-notch condition. From inspections and upgrades to repairs and maintenance, our team of expert electricians is dedicated to providing the highest quality service. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority. Contact us to schedule an electrical panel service appointment today.