Electrical Services in Lincoln, NE 

Electricity is essential for everyday life. People don’t realize how much they rely on the electrical grid until there is an outage. It’s very frustrating when one or more electrical components in the home don’t work properly. Fortunately, electricians know how to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

A homeowner will find they can benefit from a range of electrical services. One person might need assistance with a ceiling fan installation while another homeowner wishes to have a whole-house surge protector installed. The right electrician will tackle these jobs and more with a smile on their face. What services might a homeowner wish to ask about?

Electrical Safety

Every homeowner should consider having an electrical inspection yearly. When conducted by a licensed electrical contractor in Lincoln, this inspection will uncover potential problems before they make themselves apparent. The homeowner can then plan for the repairs or have them done immediately. In addition, the inspection may show areas where upgrades will benefit the homeowner’s life, so they can plan for these upgrades as well.

However, the major benefit of this inspection is ensuring the safety of the home’s electrical system. NEC codes are updated every three years, so the homeowner might learn that an electrical component in the home was considered safe during the last inspection but now needs an upgrade. With regular inspections, the homeowner has peace of mind knowing their system works as it should.

Electrical Panel Service

When electricity enters the home, it does so through the electrical panel. This device typically remains out of sight and out of mind but it shouldn’t. Homeowners need to examine the panel routinely as part of their home maintenance to ensure it operates as intended. If any problems are seen with the panel or circuit breakers trip on a regular basis, it is time to call an electrician for help. In addition, certain panels have been recalled because they are at high risk of fire. Contact an electrician today to have the panel inspected and ensure it is safe for use. If the electrician has any concerns, they will make recommendations on resolving the issues.

Wiring Services

Once electricity enters the home, the wiring in the house distributes this electricity to the desired location. If the wires are unable to handle the power, problems will arise. Many homeowners today find the existing wiring in the home cannot handle the demands of modern technology, so they call an electrician for help with upgrading this system. Never put off a wiring upgrade, as overloading the wiring in the home increases the risk of an electrical fire, which nobody wants.

Installation Projects

A homeowner might want to install a new lighting fixture or add an outlet in a room they now use as a home office. These projects are among the many electrical services in Lincoln, NE, offered by licensed electricians. The homeowner might request help with installing a generator and transfer switch or they may upgrade to an electric vehicle and need an EV charger in the home. Electrical installation projects vary greatly in terms of what they require, which is why it is always best to leave these tasks to someone with the training and equipment to do the job right.

Switch and Outlet Services

Every person wants to know they have done everything possible to keep the home safe from various hazards. Today, homeowners benefit from features such as GFCI and AFCI outlets. However, they may also want to look into USB outlets, dimmer switches, and other upgrades to the home’s electrical system. While many of these upgrades aren’t required under the current electrical code, they do add value to the homeowner’s life, making them worthwhile in every way.

Additional Electrical Services

Homeowners often turn to a licensed electrician for help with lighting design and installation. Smart home services are frequently requested, and a homeowner might need help with appliance installation. Regardless of what project is being completed, if it involves electricity in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out to a licensed electrician. They will be happy to assist in any way they can. 

Electricians undergo years of training before they can take on jobs without supervision. When electrical work is needed in the home, turn to one of these professionals for help. They take on all jobs, regardless of size, to ensure homeowners have reliable electricity in their residences.

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