If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it!


Prospective client question #19: “What is wrong with my current lighting?

Most people don’t think about their lighting until they flip the switch and it doesn’t work. It is something we all need but something highly underrated. Two simple value points for lighting are quantity and cost. Let me break that down.

Quantity – The not-so-funny thing we find is many of our business clients are under or over lit, most of them under lit. Research has shown that good lighting can increase work quality and output and also customer experience. I’m no Sam Walton but I bet the longer you have customers linger in your store the more likely they are to buy more. Say it with me: Better lighting leads to longer linger. Furthermore, upgrading your current lighting can give you a cleaner, brighter look making you more productive and profitable.

Cost – If you had an expense that you could cut in half, how long would it take you to find a way to spend that money you saved? Let’s put it another way. If you found out that you were spending twice as much on a something, how long would it take you to switch to the lower priced version? Today’s energy efficiency lighting products can cut your lighting bill in half, and save your money on maintenance. So don’t ask what is wrong with my current lighting, ask what is right with it? Is it the most cost effective? Is it adequate? Does it inspire/influence my staff in their tasks and my customers in their spending? Even if it ain’t broke, maybe there is something you can fix.