Project Nightmare


You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop…the Twilight Zone. – Rod Sterling

Imagine if you will…

You’re a business owner. Savvy as you are, you see value in updating your lighting system with a LED retrofit. Not only will you be saving buckets of money through energy savings and maintenance, your staff will no longer be clanking around the ladder, dinging up your walls, as they routinely have to change out light bulbs. This just makes sense.

Somewhere in the corner of your brain a thought flickers. Small at first, but as it grows it bursts into a supernova of genius. You could save even more by doing the LED retrofit project in-house. That would reduce your cost down to just materials!

Before your imagination takes you to that well-lit back room where you find yourself swimming in a pile of cash, let me splash on a little reality a friend of mine found himself in. At his particular place of work it was decided money could be saved if the the retrofit project was done in-house…

“This was a mess from day one with problems with materials and shipping and shipping the wrong kits and so on and so forth. We basically finished the project about 45 minutes prior to [Power Company] doing the inspection if that tells you anything. I truly have no idea on costs. We haven’t even been billed for some of the materials.”

I’m glad they finished the LED retrofit and it does look good. However, I do believe that we could have saved them time, energy, frustration, and even money had they chosen us to do their retrofit for them. Some things are worth the price, and this is one of them.