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Keeping Your Circuits From Tripping

Customer question #37: “I have 4 outlets in my kitchen, shouldn’t that mean I can use that many at a time? How many appliances can I plug in to a circuit?” A circuit is a loop of power for a specific area or room. It is used to bring a specific amount of power to...

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LEDs vs CFLs

I’m an easy going guy. I don’t typically try to correct people. I’m pretty gracious and allow the benefit of the doubt. However, there is something that I need to address, a common error that I cannot let slide. Frequently we hear potential clients state that they...

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Cool vs. Warm

When it comes to light color, “warm” and “cool” have nothing to do with how hot the bulb gets. You may have noticed some bulbs look more blue and some more yellow. If you look at the box the bulb came in you can find a color temperature number, usually ranging from...

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A Light is Just a Light, Right?

Prospective client question #21: “What’s the big deal? LED, fluorescent, incandescent, it’s just a light bulb right?” There is some truth to that question isn’t there? Why make a big deal out of it? When it comes to energy efficiency lighting there is more to LED...

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Payback Blues

A hotel owner wants an LED upgrade for his parking lot pole lights. LEDs increase safety and customer satisfaction/impression, as well as greatly decrease the cost of maintenance. However, when he sees the costs and the projected payback time he has doubts on the...

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